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Bio-fortifier based on amino acids by enzymatic hydrolysis of hemoglobin

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Key points of the product.

• STYM PLANT AA GR is a natural product obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of hemoglobin, which reaches a high concentration of amino acids, is presented in the form of dispersible micro granules

Totally soluble

• All amino acids contained are in the form ¨L¨ (levorotatory) form in which they are fully assimilated by plants.

• Product with a marked stimulating effect on plant development and also collaborates in the nutrition of the plant due to its important content in nitrogen, potassium and organic matter.

• Maximum efficiency, regardless of weather conditions, at critical moments such as flowering, fruit set and plant growth.

• It is also an ideal product to use in organic agriculture.

• Class A fertilizer, heavy metal content lower than the limits specified for this classification.


– Increases cellular permeability with the consequent increase in the absorption capacity of nutritive ions.

– Prevents and corrects chlorosis through increased production of chlorophyll.

– It has a great effect on plants damaged by phytotoxicity, frost, and stress states.

– It contributes to fruit setting as it improves the fertilization of the flowers and reduces the development time of the vegetative organs.

– Incentives biological and biochemical processes, thus causing an increase in vegetation and production.

– Contributes to improve the effectiveness of phytoregulatory and phytosanitary treatments