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Biological Nutrient based on amino acids from enzymatic hydrolysis of fast absorption and fish origin enriched with high content of Phosphorus and Potassium. STYM AMINO FISH PK is suitable for all crops and manufactured by COLZYME TECHNOLOGY

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Key points of the product

• Organic Strengthener and Biostimulant for plant nutrition with amino acids and biologically active peptides

• 25.0% Guaranteed natural amino acids

• Reinforces the resistance of the plant to the stress caused, increasing the vegetative growth.

• Optimal Penetration in the leaf: The biostimulants of the raw materials are released from the structural matrix and delays the exclusive process of enzymatic hydrolysis, with minimum sizes (300 Daltons) that allows a high penetration in the leaf.

• High efficiency: Biostimulant that supports the synergic action of different compounds in the raw material.

• Natural product 100% free of contaminants, harmless and safe for the environment and the plant.

STYM AMINO FISH PK is a liquid organic compound produced by the hydrolysis of natural regenerated fish protein enriched with high content of Phosphorus and Potassium. The natural balance of the total and free amino acids shown in the aminogram is proof of the absence of any synthesis of free amino acids and evidence of the naturalness of STYM AMINO FISH PK. STYM AMINO FISH PK improves the reabsorption in leaves and roots of the microelements of fertilizers (for example, iron, zinc, manganese and copper) due to the natural properties of the amino acid chelate. STYM AMINO FISH PK is manufactured with high quality raw materials and is free of any chemical component that could be harmful to soil and crops.