STYM AA MICROCOMPLEX is a liquid fertilizer containing amino acids from enzymatic hydrolysis of fast absorbing plant origin enriched with microelements. Maintains the proper concentration of micronutrients in the plant, especially in crops that require a lot of Boron

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STYM AA MICROCOMPLEX is a product based on free amino acids that have a stimulating effect on the plant in active growth phase and in the periods of flowering and fruit setting in all types of crops and corrects deficiencies of microelements.

The product is assimilated quickly and directly in the plant, especially by foliar and root, facilitating the synthesis of proteins, allowing energy savings to the plant, with a vigorous vegetative activity to increase the yield of the fruits. It is ideal for hydroponic cultivation and nutritive solutions. The presence of free amino acids allows plants to shorten the normal cycle of protein synthesis and make it independent of environmental factors, which is an advantage when they are unfavorable

Due to its composition it is recommended in crops of integrated and / or ecological production, being also a biodegradable product, safe, without waste (it does not have a safe term) and respectful with the environment