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Bio-fortifier based on Magnesium and amino acids from enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable origin of rapid and total absorption.

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STYM AA MAGNESIUM contains in its formulation amino acids and organic acids that complex and mobilize magnesium towards the organs of the plant. STYM AA MAGNESIUM is totally stable and soluble, being easily assimilated by plants.

– Symptoms: Magnesium (Mg) is very mobile inside the plant, so when it is absent, it migrates from the old leaves (where the symptoms appear) to the young ones. Internervial chlorosis is observed, as well as reddish, orange, yellow or purple colorations.

– Magnesium (Mg) function: this element is essential for the plant since the Mg atom is part of the chlorophyll molecule. It is also related to the metabolism of phosphorus (P) as it intervenes in its absorption and transport.

– Deficiency of Magnesium (Mg): it produces a reduction of the photosynthetic activity, and consequently a decrease of the yields of the harvest