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Bio-fortifier based on Calcium and amino acids from enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable origin of rapid and total absorption

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STYM AA CALCIUM is an optimal product to stimulate the development, flowering and fruit set as well as to prevent and correct deficiencies of Calcium. The amino acids favor and facilitate the assimilation of Calcium. STYM AA CALCIUM contains in its formulation amino acids and organic acids that complex and mobilize calcium towards the organs of the plant.

– Function of Calcium: It plays an important role in all phases of the life of the plant. It is essential for growth (from germination to maturity of the fruit). Calcium allows the tissues of the plant to be more resistant.

– Your deficiency: Calcium deficiency occurs due to its low mobility. Apical necrosis, bitter-pit, cracking or cracking of fruits, and premature maturity are examples of deficiencies in calcium.