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Bio-fortifier based on amino acids from enzymatic hydrolysis vegetable origin of rapid and total absorption.

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Key points of the product. • STYM AA 50 is a natural product obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable origin, which reaches a high concentration of amino acids, is presented as a soluble powder. STYM AA 50 is totally soluble

• All amino acids contained are in the form ¨L¨ (levorotatory) form in which they are fully assimilated by plants.

• Product with a marked stimulating effect on plant development and also collaborates in the nutrition of the plant for its important content in nitrogen and organic matter.

• Maximum efficiency, regardless of weather conditions, at critical moments such as flowering, fruit set and plant growth.

• It is also an ideal product to use in organic agriculture.

• Class A fertilizer, heavy metal content lower than the limits specified for this classification.

STYM AA 50 is a natural and stable mixture of complex structures being essential precursors for the construction of peptides, proteins and enzymes and at the same time accelerating the metabolic processes of the plant.

Effects of foliar application: Increases cellular permeability with the consequent increase in the absorption capacity of nutritive ions; prevent and correct chlorosis through increased production of chlorophyll; It has a great effect on plants damaged by phytoxicity, frost and different stress states; It contributes to fruit setting as it improves the fertilization of the flowers and reduces the development time of the vegetative organs.

Root application effects: It increases the activity of the microflora in the area of