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Foliar fertilizer of fast absorption, based on a balanced combination of microelements and amino acids obtained from the enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable proteins origin. COLZYME TECHNOLOGY

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Key points of the product

 • Organic Strengthener and Biostimulant for plant nutrition with biologically active peptides and amino acids

• 6% Nitrogen (N) Total and 15% Guaranteed free amino acids enriched with Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese and Molybdenum.

• It increases the resistance of plants to stress and helps to overcome in a short time the arrest of vegetative growth due to stress factors • Low content of Sodium (Na) and Chloride (Cl)

• Certificate for 889/2008 / CE, USDA / NOP and norms of Spanish organic agriculture

• STYM AA 150 is an organic nutrient of rapid and total absorption by plants. It contains a balanced and optimal ratio between short chain peptides, long chain peptides and amino acids. Obtained from vegetable protein by an original controlled hydrolysis process with final purification by ion exchange. It can be applied both in foliar spray and in application to soil and is indicated as an organic nutrient and biostimulant of vegetation (roots, leaves, flowers and fruits) in all types of crops.

• It favors the good vegetative development of the crops, after affections caused by attacks of insects or fungi (dent, screening).

• Encourages the setting of the grafts, stimulates sprouting, flowering and fruit setting. It also favors rooting when applied to the plantation soil.

• Promotes a quick recovery of the crop after frost, hail or mechanical damage (pruning).