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STYM AA 1000

Bio-fortifier with high content of amino acids from enzymatic hydrolysis vegetable origin of rapid and total absorption

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STYM AA 1000 is suitable for stimulation and stress reduction of plants. The free amino acids absorbed by the leaves and tissues of plants rapidly increase the vegetative activity of the plant, the resistance to stress and the quality of agricultural production. The application of exogenous amino acids contained in STYM AA 1000 is very useful in adverse environmental conditions (transplant, cold, salinity, drought and hail) and helps the plant to save the energy used in another way for the synthesis and translocation of endogenous amino acids.

The free amino acids of STYM AA 1000 are able to link and transport micronutrients quickly through the plant cells to the site of use, overcoming the chemical and physical barriers of the cuticle of the leaf, the cell wall and the lymphatic system. The result is a greater efficacy of the treatments with micronutrients and a lower dose of application of fertilizers containing microelements. The higher the content of free amino acids in the compound, the greater the efficiency of the micronutrient treatment.

STYM AA 1000 is also a rich source of pure organic nitrogen and is virtually free of Sodium, Phosphates and Chlorides. The product is soluble in water for easy foliar uptake from the soil and is free of any chemical component that could be harmful to soil and crops.