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Biostimulant of fattening and maturation. It contains amino acids from enzymatic hydrolysis of fast absorbing plant origin enriched with framework and microelements.

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MADUGOR SIZE GS is a biostimulant designed to promote the development of the fruit from fattening to maturity, thus ensuring the profitability of the harvest and maintaining a high quality in the final product.

Each molecule of MADUGOR SIZE GS has a specific function in the metabolism of the fruit: Amino Acids, Potassium, Phosphorus, Boron, microelements, carbohydrates:

– Potassium is essential in the phase of fruit growth:

1) Catalyzes the synthesis of the main sugars in the fruits

2) It allows the mobilization of these sugars from the leaves to the fruits

– The phosphorus is responsible for energy transfer. During the development of the fruit, the plant has high requirements of available energy; The phosphor present in MADUGOR SIZE GS is able to provide this energy

– The amino acid mixture of MADUGOR SIZE GS is studied to stimulate the process of growth and development of the fruit, from different metabolic routes.

– Boron is absolutely necessary in MADUGOR SIZE GS for the division and growth of the cells, and therefore for the development of the fruit.

– The Zn, Cu and Mn microelements are formulated in a balance that favors the synthesis of pigments and therefore the color of the fruit

In addition MADUGOR SIZE GS includes a high content of carbohydrates especially indicated to stimulate the development of the fruit and protect it from adversity. Since these carbohydrates are of low molecular weight, the assimilation by the plant, both foliar and root, is optimal.